Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today was a day that was really unique from every day here so far. Today I got to help out with a surgical procedure to fix a patient with a perforated bowel (a hole in the small intestine). While I didnt do a lot, I got to be there and see everything that I have learned about in a text book, but this time it was for real. After that was over, I got to watch a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). Pretty amazing to think that something the size of a softball can hold a child. What an amazing learning experience. I have about 9 days left here in Migori before I head out to Massai Mara and Mombasa, and then go home to watch the 49ers on Monday Night Football. What a way to come back. But not coming back the same person. Throughout this trip, I have seen how much I have been blessed being raised in the USA and having the things we have there. However, one thing I have seen is with all of the luxuries back home offers, it comes along with a tendency to be complacent. We have been so blessed, and while all that is not bad in and of itself, people need to realize that is not all there is to life. We as people were made to love each other and serve others, because it is the right thing to do. Also not having to worry about things such as malaria or typhoid fever, both of which are pretty common here. Another thing too is the priviledge of getting to live in another country for a month. While I havent seen much outside of California, I can say that Kenya is beautiful. The sunsets here are just unreal, and have been one of the prettiest things I have seen in a long time. Finally, I am thankful that God has been so faithful through all of this, keeping me safe and showing me the flaws in my character (but not condemning, but moving me towards change and growth).


  1. Wow. First off , I admire your travels and apparent openess to accept and learn of things outside wal-mart and the standard American ways. Truly amazing stuff. I have torn through a lot of your words here and they have helped lift up a pretty cold morning here. Thank you for writing. Great stuff here. Stay up.